How to Buy DCA

NaDCA will cost $2 to $3 per day when purchased online.

You’ve obviously come here because you or someone you know is battling cancer. Please take a moment to visit the website’s home page and read some of the articles about DCA that have been published in medical journals. When you comprehend the Warburg effect, the underlying scientific theory of this discovery, you won’t be doubting the efficacy of DCA. There are articles published on this site from numerous big Universities, therefore this is not a fraud and more than one significant university is making the allegation.

You are being warned by the American Cancer Society about these merchants’ intentions to rob helpless people of their money.


If you do your investigation, you’ll be saddened to see that these groups, in whom you should have faith, are actually collaborating with pharmaceutical companies to discredit any non-pharmaceutical cancer treatments.

As stated on this website, NaDCA is a very straightforward molecule that resembles vinegar. Peer-reviewed medical journal research have shown that NaDCA is equally safe to consume by healthy individuals as it is by individuals with medical conditions.

You simply need to provide your own responses to two questions if you are still unsure about whether DCA is effective.

1) Is the Wargurg effect actually a cancer-related law? (i.e., all cancer cells get their respiration from glucose while all normal cells get their respiration from oxygen) PROOF….. The science underlying the PET scan machine is the Warburg effect (patient is injected with radio active glucose and cancer cells light up on the screen) Wargurg found that mitochondria shut down when a cell turned cancerous (reverted to glucose respiration). Every day, as our cells proliferate, the mitochondria, the control center of a cell, examines the cell and, if the DNA is incorrect (a bad cell), destroys the cell through a process known as apoptosis. Through apoptosis, our bodies eliminate millions of unhealthy cells each day. Thus, a cancer cell is just a cell that obtains energy from glucose and keeps dividing and multiplying in the absence of our bodies’ ability to eradicate it through the natural process of apoptosis.

2) Does DCA activate the cancer cell’s mitochondria as the University of Alberta study suggests, enabling it to identify itself as a bad cell and initiate apoptosis? The response is YES! Read the articles that have been published on the front page and trust your own research, not what someone who you perceive to be knowledgeable tells you. Use this information, at the absolute least, to begin challenging your own or a loved one’s cancer treatment.

Martin C. Winer, a proponent of NaDCA, has developed a protocol that combines NaDCA with a supplement called Avemar. The protocol can be found here, and it may be a viable alternative for anyone with advanced cancer or who has undergone conventional treatment and has a compromised immune system.

The Medicor Cancer Clinic in Toronto has successfully tested this treatment.

There seem to be three primary websites offering NaDCA online. You should be aware that you cannot purchase NaDCA from these sites in Europe or North America. According to what we have discovered, China is currently the only source of supplies. This is a result of limitations placed on sodium dichloroacetate by the FDA, Health Canada, and European health regulators in 2007. We are supposed to be protected from ourselves by regulating NaDCA, which is about as hazardous as consuming too much baking soda.

We have seen numerous media headlines throughout the years about safety concerns concerning Chinese items. But after learning about the moral standards of North American pharmaceutical businesses and their capacity to sway what the media tells us, we started to wonder just how serious quality problems could be. You will find that the Chinese pharmaceutical business operates under very rigorous regulations and is subject to just as much or more regulation than North American institutions.

The truth is that if there was as much evidence in medical journals that cocaine could cure cancer as there is for DCA, you would be contacting everyone you know to find a dealer! If quality is a concern for you, one of the internet businesses randomly tests every batch in Canada.

TCI America has been the global supplier of NaDCA clinical trials for decades; they do not sell to the general public. Additionally, it would seem from TCI’s sales website that the item they offer likewise originates in Asia. The Medicor Cancer Center in Toronto claims to buy its NaDCA from the United States, and we would assume that it comes from TCI.

For the majority of cancer patients taking NaDCA, 100 grams is around a 90-day supply. 100 grams is around a 200-day dose as a supplement to prevent a cancer recurrence or just to keep you healthy.

Remember that there hasn’t been much demand for DCA and that the global supply is constrained. One pharmaceutical company we spoke with estimated their excess supply at 900 kg per year, which would only be enough to treat 9,000 patients for three months. We discovered that there are differences in pricing amongst the three major suppliers in China. Chemical firms that produce technical grade products are now now selling pharmaceutical grade, although pharmaceutical grade from a real pharmaceutical company is more expensive.

It is not necessary to spend the extra money for the product in capsules because you would merely be breaking them apart to achieve the correct weight because the amount taken is based on body weight.

The FDA shut down all NaDCA-selling websites in 2007, and this could happen again. Our point is that if you’re considering about taking NaDCA, it might be difficult to get as more people learn about it.

If the price seems excessively low, there may be a valid explanation for it. There have been some problems mentioned on The DCA Site with DCA arriving from Mexico.

Your best resource for learning dosage recommendations from people who have used NaDCA is the website. Do keep in mind that individuals from the pharmaceutical sector frequently participate in internet chats and forums in order to confuse people.

Below are the top websites that offer NaDCA to the general public: However We recently learned that, a site previously used by Pharma DCA as a “we don’t sell DCA but buy this one site,” recently claimed to be an anonymous DCA crusader who tested all the other suppliers’ products and found that only Pharma DCA and Sigma Aldrich passed; Sigma Aldrich, of course, does not sell to the general public. The website advises users not to purchase goods from other suppliers. DCA currently asserts that their goods contain a lot of bromine but offers no test findings. (their assertion as of February 15, 2015, albeit they reserve the right to amend it.) The fact that they report the Pure DCA and Certified dca as containing 170 mg per kg and 148 mg per kg of bromine respectively tells me no testing ever took place. The results would have been given as PPM (parts per million) or ug rather than mg per kilogram had they really tested. Pharma dca and Sigma Aldrich are listed as 2. What is less than 2? It should be less than 2 ug/kg, which is exactly what the bromine levels from the other 2 vendors would be if they had submitted their data accurately. If reported in the same unit of measure as their product and Sigma Aldrich, 170ug and.148ug both 2 (information taken directly from Sigma Aldrich’s website).

Over the past three years, we have heard a variety of remarks and complaints regarding vendors. Without adequate proof that the supplier has a problem that could be harmful to individuals, we cannot authorize them. We created this website so that users may access relevant studies that had been published in medical journals and draw their own conclusions. These three websites are our go-to sources for DCA because they have been around the longest. People might not be aware that these websites frequently receive orders from government institutions, and that the product is tested there—not for your protection, but rather to find a supplier who isn’t providing +99% pure dca. If one of these vendors were providing a product that was harmful, you would have read about it everywhere; there would be a massive media circus.

About 10 months ago, we tested products from these three vendors, and all of them passed. I disclosed this on this website, but I’ve since removed it out of concern for liability in the event that a batch they produced has an unanticipated issue. Sad to say, despite the fact that DCA is effective, it can be challenging to convince people to read the relevant journal articles and draw their own conclusions without second-guessing them. There is a significant amount of misinformation spread online by pharmaceutical firms under the cover of medical websites, and there are literally hundreds of pharma personnel using social media platforms to spread fear about DCA. A stupid supplier trying to incite more unfounded dread about other suppliers is the last thing DCA needs!

Based only on the fact that they have been in business for more than 3 years and that we have previously tested the products, we continue to recommend the 3 suppliers listed below.,, and

We will keep making purchases from since they have consistently provided excellent service and test each batch for purity, solvents, and heavy metals in Canada. Once you’ve placed an order, they also provide you a test report for the batch. It costs a little more, perhaps 20 to 40 cents every day. But they have always been quite responsive to queries. I don’t want to come out as endorsing them; rather, they are the only source we have experience with. As I mentioned before, I believe all 3 to be reliable in terms of quality.

Depending on where you go, having the goods tested yourself can cost up to $750. By all means, purchase from whichever company you can afford if it is out of your price range.

Please update us on your progress if you decide to start using NaDCA because it can be useful to others who are trying to decide what is best for them.