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Posted by: DCA on December 30, 2018 Clinical trials and DCA papers

Almost a decade has passed since people started taking notice of Dichloroacetate for its possible role in curing cancer with minimal side effects on healthy tissues. Since the pharmaceutical industry cannot patent DCA, private pharmaceutical companies would not be able to profit from its sale. The current lack of funding and focus on Dichloroacetate is a direct result of this.

Despite this, there are numerous studies, both ongoing and completed, that investigate the facts of DCA appliance for therapeutic purposes. This website will introduce a small number of concluded scientific studies and regularly update you on the most recent publications on the topic.

Publications on DCA can be found in MEDLINE, the most comprehensive medical database available. Anybody who is keen on reading DCA studies or summaries of DCA publications can do so for nothing by searching this database.

Research into DCA’s efficacy against various human cancers is ongoing.

Examining DCA Methods

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