To discourage people from learning about cancer alternative treatments online, the cancer industry spreads misinformation and fear


To discourage people from learning about cancer alternative treatments online, the cancer industry spreads misinformation and fear.
By Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Editor for, on Friday, August 6, 2004 (Read every article…)

The public has recently been cautioned about using the internet to research ways to prevent and treat cancer. The latest news blared that cancer locations were dangerous for your health. This is a myth that has spread throughout the world’s media and news websites, and it is founded solely on a small sample of 32 websites, which a professor claims prescribe treatments that are not backed by scientific research.
According to him, there is insufficient proof that any supplementary therapies may stop cancer. There is a lot of competition for the title of “most dumb comment I’ve ever heard from anyone in modern medicine,” but this kind of statement almost qualifies. What’s very obvious is that this is a campaign of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) launched by purveyors of modern medicine in order to scare people away from finding information about cancer on the internet. An analysis of 32 websites is appalling in terms of looking at the vast amount of information available on the internet.
But let’s examine the real cause behind why this sort of propaganda is being disseminated through the national media to get to the bottom of this. The actual reason they are targeting cancer websites is that it is the only place where people can go to learn the real facts about the cancer industry and treatments for the disease that don’t entail chemotherapy, surgery, or other invasive procedures used by conventional western medicine. The industry is concerned because it threatens profits as organized medicine is finding out the hard way that patients are educating themselves about cancer and available treatments.
In all honesty, organized medicine prefers that individuals remain in the dark. They continue to engage in these FUD campaigns to dissuade people from learning about health online because they don’t want people to be informed about anything other than the treatments that they push and regulate. The ideal outcome that the business seeks is a type of censorship; they desire the marking of websites as “official” cancer webpages. Naturally, only websites with content that is wholly supportive of the criminally corrupt cancer industry would be eligible to use such a flag or emblem. This is known as the “seal of approval” concept, and the professor who carried out this study thinks that websites that purport to provide “scientific” information about cancer have to display a seal of approval.
The level of ignorance displayed by this person and the business as a whole when they claim that there is no proof that any complementary treatments can prevent cancer is astounding. In actuality, he is entirely mistaken. If one wants to seek for it, there is a ton of proof. And a large portion of that proof has been published in well-known, peer-reviewed medical journals that are accessible worldwide. For instance, there is strong evidence that nutritional strategies can be used to both prevent and reverse cancer. There is proof that spirulina kills cancerous tumors. There is proof that oxygen therapy works. There is evidence that Amazonian herbs and cat’s claw can reverse cancer. In spite of the fact that cancer is one of the diseases that may be treated most easily with herbal remedies and nutritional therapy, this person claims that there is no proof at all.
Someone who makes such a claim must either be blatantly lying or completely ignorant of the 30 years of global research on cancer, as there are numerous complementary treatments that have been shown to be not only effective but also significantly more effective than anything that conventional western medicine can provide.
Let’s talk about western medicine and what it accomplishes for cancer patients because there isn’t really any solid proof that it improves cancer survival rates. Despite the fact that the cancer business has been flooded with billions of dollars over the past few decades, survival statistics for tumors treated by western medicine have hardly changed at all. Patients who receive chemotherapy have higher survival rates, although these improvements are assessed in months rather than years. People, I’m talking months here. Western medicine considers it a success if a patient receives $50,000 worth of treatment and gains an extra three months of life. It is also their official position that this is the only treatment that cancer patients should be able to access; if you seek treatment outside the system and discover a method that extends your life by years or decades, you are breaking some sort of law. Chemotherapy is, in fact, mostly a scam. There is absolutely no proof that chemotherapy lengthens life expectancy. Tumor shrinkage is the only way chemotherapy is evaluated for effectiveness, and the patient’s life expectancy does not significantly increase as a result.
This is due to the fact that cancer is a global illness. Doctors continue to mistakenly diagnose cancer as a tumor when, in reality, it is a system problem caused by the patient’s immune system failing, prevalent throughout the body rather than simply in one spot that can be surgically removed. Chemotherapy is a terrible cancer treatment on its own. It is inhumane. It is rooted in antiquated medical theories that treat the body as a battlefield that must be destroyed by toxic substances in order to somehow get rid of the invader that is the root of the ailment.
Chemotherapy damages the immune system of the patient, which is the exact opposite of what must happen to avoid cancer. The immune system of a patient has to be strengthened, not suppressed. Only then can the patient successfully treat their own cancer and resume a healthy, normal life when it has been properly strengthened and enhanced by mind-body medicine, nutritional therapies, physical activity, herbal medicines, homeopathy, acupuncture, and other forms of therapy. Therefore, in a very real sense, modern medicine tries to forbid those practices that do in fact work to prevent cancer.
It is true to say that the cancer industry as it exists hinders prevention. They oppose preventive. They actively work to dissuade medical professionals from using prevention, and one of the ways they do this is by using headlines like the one I’m about to address to sow doubt and anxiety about non-conventional cancer therapies. If they can scare people off the internet, they can prevent them from learning about the actual cancer therapies. It’s similar to how, if you were in charge of a plantation in the United States during the era of slavery, you would make sure your slaves remained illiterate so they wouldn’t acquire the education necessary to go on their own and leave your plantation. Patients are treated like slaves in modern medicine, and the medical establishment intends to keep everyone that way by denying them access to reliable knowledge regarding chronic disease prevention. Organized medicine seems to live by the motto, “Keep ’em dumb!” They prefer it more when you don’t know much about health and disease. (You can do this for yourself by going to a traditional doctor and informing him that you’ve read anything online concerning cancer or another chronic illness. Observe how fast they condemn the mere fact that you are using the Internet as a learning tool.
Consider that there is a battle going on in the cancer industry if this all sounds a little weird. The established cancer industry, which seeks to restrict any material that doesn’t support their official viewpoint and control the flow of information, is on one side of this informational conflict. The fight against cancer is a priority for the industry. They enjoy seeing a certain proportion of the population still affected by cancer and that effective new treatments are actively discouraged. This is the reason why businesses like Lane Labs were forced out of business because they were selling dietary supplements that improved patients’ immune systems so they could treat their own cancer. Without a sure, the cancer business will attempt to block our page as well. Most of all, they don’t want this knowledge to become public. People can use this information to realize that persons in positions of authority are restricting people’s access to the truth about alternative medicine.
But let’s examine everything more closely. Cancer would have been cured by now if the cancer industry in western medicine genuinely operated. Years ago, we were promised treatments. But the incidence of cancer has increased dramatically over the past 20 years, while cure rates have barely changed. Today, patients with cancer have the same chance of surviving as someone who forgoes western medical interventions. If you really think about it, the only people who genuinely survive cancer for years and decades are those who opt out of conventional medical treatment and turn to other forms of treatment. They are individuals that alter their way of life, educate themselves on nutrition, and begin taking cancer-fighting superfoods like chlorella and spirulina. They are those who consume anti-cancer herbs like graviola and licorice root. The potent anti-cancer herb graviola has been demonstrated to be 10,000 times more effective than chemotherapy at destroying cancer cells without causing any negative side effects to the patient.
Western medicine has failed when it comes to treating cancer. It simply does not work; it does not treat cancer, does not provide patients with any long-term benefits, and just generates enormous costs for these transient treatments. On the other hand, alternative medicine and natural healing methods are less expensive, safe to use, and popular outside of the United States. They have also been used successfully for thousands of years by various populations who have a greater understanding of medicine and healing than our so-called “high-tech” system of modern medicine.

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