Why cancer comes back following chemotherapy, radiation or surgery

Tuesday, August 07, 2007
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Recurrence is one of the most prevalent issues among cancer patients who choose to receive traditional cancer therapy. They may believe that chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery have successfully treated their cancer, only to discover a few years later that the tumors have spread to other tissues, most commonly the lungs, brain, or even the reproductive organs. Conventional medicine has not yet understood what is taking place, yet the cause of this occurrence is rather straightforward: Traditional cancer therapies only address the symptoms tumors or growths that are indicative of cancer and do not actually assist the patient in regaining a level of health necessary to keep cancer in check.

A tumor is not technically a disease. It is a sign of the patient’s fundamental imbalance. You will never be able to completely eradicate the underlying imbalances that are causing the cancer until you treat and correct them. There will be more to come tumors even if you are able to treat the initial tumors, complications can still occur.

Think of it like this: suppose you have a dam holding up a body of water similar to a lake. One day, the dam starts to crumble and water starts flowing through as a result of insufficient maintenance. In the traditional world cancer treatment, They would declare that the water is the source of the issue and start treating it. They would make an effort to evaporate the water or stop it from inundating the valley below. The integrity of the dam itself is the issue, not the water pouring through the dam. You will never be able to stop the leak of water from the dam unless you identify the issue and fix it.

With cancer, the same is true. If you don’t deal with the fundamental integrity of the immune system You are only chasing symptoms and the body’s self-repairing mechanisms. All cancer tumors in the world could be treated, but nothing would be done to actually assist the cancer patient in resolving their fundamental issue.

The cancer industry remains ignorant of useful treatments

Amazingly, the conventional cancer industry continues to be ignorant of this basic fact about cancer despite decades of research and billions of dollars invested in the field. Although there are many cancer treatments available, they don’t advocate for cancer prevention and don’t hold this belief. By focusing on the tumors rather than the root of the issue, they are still treating the water rather than the dam.

Conventional cancer treatments actually hurt the patient and their immune system, making future cancer treatments even more challenging. The immune system is harmed and impaired by chemotherapy. organs such as the brain, liver, the heart, too. It’s similar to blowing out the water leaking through the dam with TNT. At the same time, the dam is destroyed. The patient is then unable to halt the spread of the cancer. The actual treatments for cancer prevention and treatment can be found in diet, exercise, stress management, and environmental protection. chemicals and toxins. Chemotherapy is not a cure for cancer, Both chemotherapy and radiation are not effective against cancer.

Physical imbalances brought on by irradiating tissues and poisoning the immune system can lead to cancer. This is the primary justification for why so many individuals submit themselves to conventional cancer treatments find themselves battling recurring cancer years later.

Where to start with curing cancer

The conventional cancer treatments that are currently available are a fraud and offer the patient no assistance in overcoming the causes of their cancer. The pharmaceutical industry now has a reliable market for the anticancer chemicals that have now become standard treatments for this completely preventable and curable disease, and they do a great job of encouraging repeat business for the cancer industry. But if you really want to cure You must concentrate on internal cleansing and healing to combat cancer. A load of factors affects nearly all cases of cancer, contributing to toxic, manmade substances stuck in the digestive system, liver, and heart. Eliminating those is the first step to a true cure, and cleansing the liver is likely the single most crucial step in trying to cure your own cancer (or, as conventional oncologists might put it, to achieve a “permanent remission,” since they don’t think there is such a thing as a cure for cancer),

What is the best way to cleanse your liver? I could devote an entire article on that, but let me give you a few ideas for further research: Traditional Chinese Medicine and rainforest herbs are, in my opinion, the greatest modalities for liver cleansing. (Amazon herbs). If you want to learn more about which herbs and herbal remedies are best, check back soon because I’ll be writing a lot more about Amazon Herbs. products are best at removing toxins from your liver (and restoring healthy liver function).

In my view, a healthy, functional liver is a prerequisite for any cancer recovery. So begin by helping the liver. Isn’t it fascinating to realize that chemotherapy — which is still regarded as the norm in some ways. treatment is the liver highly hazardous for cancer? Chemotherapy actually makes it more difficult for the body to heal itself of cancer in the future, ensuring that patients remain dependent on the pharmaceutical medical system. for which conventional medicine is so incredibly lucrative that the chemicals they use cause harm patients Just enough to ensure that they must continue returning for additional treatments.

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